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Parent Information

Expectations of Parents

- Treat coaches, fellow parents, and players with respect. 

- Yelling at umpires, taunting players or coaches and foul language are not tolerated. 

- Ensure your player is at all practices and games. Communicate any necessary absences to your coach. 

- Keep softball time fun. Remember that criticizing or critiquing your player's performance is not helpful. 

- Remember that coaches are VOLUNTEERS who are trying to do their best and will not be perfect. If you are upset, take some time to cool off before speaking with them. Ask for a meeting- do NOT approach them with a concern during or after a game or practice. 

- Remember that the lineups are the responsibility of the Head Coach. They follow our guidelines, and we support their decisions. 

Players Play. Coaches Coach. Fans Cheer. 

Volunteer Requirements

Before you complain, HAVE YOU VOLUNTEERED.png

Coaches can always use your help! 
- Be a team manager
- Plan team-building activities
- Bring snacks or drinks
- Help out at practice
- Help set up or clean up the field
- Keep score
- Carry or set up equipment

Required Parent Volunteer Hours

How do volunteer hours work?

All families must submit a $300 check for volunteer hours. If volunteer hours are completed, the check will be returned or destroyed.

How many volunteer hours are needed per family? 

This can change from year to year, but it averages around 5-7 hours per player in the family. 

Does every family have to do volunteer hours? 


  • Head coaches and non-voting members of the Board get the hours waived for ONE player due to the number of hours they spend volunteering their time to coach or run the program. 

  • Assistant coaches are given priority sign ups to facilitate helping coach games. We get questions about this every year, and this decision requiring assistant coaches to do volunteer hours will not change at this time. 

  • Board members complete all of their volunteer hours as they work for the program throughout the year. 

When/where do we volunteer? 

Sign ups will be sent out via email, and we use Sign Up Genius to organize volunteers. 

Opportunities to volunteer include: 

  • Our annual tournament, the Shamrock Showdown

  • Concessions or field set up for Fall Ball

  • Other opportunities as needed (speak with the Volunteer Coordinator) 


If you do not sign up and complete volunteer hours, our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you. Please give her the respect of a response. If you choose to have your check cashed rather than volunteer, please give us that information as soon as possible. Thank you!
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