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Softball Equipment

Open Position


  Softball Equipment

Players Provide

Bat - see guide on right for proper sizing

Fielders Glove - see guide on right for proper sizing

Batting Helmet - with face mask and chin strap. (Required: Rip-It Pro Vision Navy/White. See below.) 

Cleats - 8U, 10U, 12U must be non-metal

Defensive Facemask - see below

Other Optional Equipment

Sliding pad and/or sliding shorts

Batting gloves

Mouth guard

Softball bag


Rosemount Traveling Softball Provides

Catchers Gear -   catchers helmet, chest protector, and shin pads (Catchers may provide their own catcher's mitt if desired.)

Balls - 11 inch for 8U and 10U

           12 inch for 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U 

Hitting Nets


Sizing Guides

It is important the players have a proper sized bat, glove and helmet.

If you have any questions, please see a store sales rep or ask our Equipment or Uniforms Coordinators.

Rip-It Helmet Sizing

Helmet Size Head Size
Small-Med 19 5/8"- 21 5/8"
Med-Large 20 1/2"- 23 1/4"
XL 22 3/4" and up

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Rip-It Pro Vision Batting Helmet

(Note: The glossy navy and white helmets we have used in the past have been discontinued. Players may continue to use their glossy helmets, please use this matte helmet if you are purchasing a new one.)




Fielder's Mask