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Softball Equipment

Matt Holste


Navy Blue / White Rip It batting helmet

fielder's mask

Heart Guard

   Quick Reference for Softball Equipment

The following equipment items are needed for Traveling Softball:

Bat - see guide on right for proper sizing

Fielders Glove - see guide on right for proper sizing

Batting Helmet - with face mask and chin strap. Our standard helmet is pictured at the left.  It it is a blue and white Rip It brand helmet that can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods or online.  This is a required part of the uniform for 10U and 12U girls!!

Cleats - non metal unless 14U or older

Optional Stuff -

-  defensive face mask (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - see picture on left)

- Sliding pad

- sliding shorts

- batting gloves

- mouth guard

- softball bag

Catchers -   catchers helmet, chest protector, and shin pads (These items provided by Rosemount Traveling Softball)   Optional: Catchers glove

Pitchers - glove and defensive face mask (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - see picture on left).  heart guard is also optional. 

Ball - 11 inch for 8U and 10U

         12 inch for 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U 


Sizing Guides

It is important the players have a proper sized bat, glove and helmet.

If you have any questions, please see a store sales rep or ask a board member.


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