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There are many volunteer opportunities available throughtout the season.  Our board members, head coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers are all volunteers!  We cannot be a strong and successful softball program without your help and support.  Please Consider volunteering!

Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.
-- Helen Dyer


Tournament Volunteer Information

Volunteer Requirements:    Rosemount Girls Traveling Fastpitch Softball (GTFS) hosts tournaments as our primary fundraising event. These tournaments are held in the spring, and are well attended, traditionally very successful, attract high quality teams, and have built a good reputation. Softball parents are expected to volunteer five(5) to seven(7) hours per child in the GTFS program at these tournaments, depending on program requirements. The GTFS Board may increase or decrease these hours based on program need. At the “Parents Meeting” or team’s first practice a $300 volunteer deposit check will be collected from each player. If the parent works at the Rosemount tournaments, the $300 volunteer deposit check will be returned or destroyed. The same deposit procedure and volunteer expectation as above applies for the fall season. Typically in the Fall, there are league games hosted in Rosemount and, generally speaking, the volunteer time requirements are less than in the Spring, but still required for each child in the GTFS program. Coaches or Team Managers should collect the volunteer checks from all parents and hand them over to the GTFS Board Treasurer or the Fundraising/Concessions Coordinator.

Exceptions to the volunteer hour rules are as follows:
Voting GTFS Board Members: no volunteer hours needed, regardless of # of daughters playing. All GTFS Board members will make every effort to help out at concessions and fields during tournaments/games that Rosemount is hosting.

Head coaches (includes co-Head coaches) & ‘At Large’ GTFS Board Members: volunteer waiver for 1 child per parent position. For example, if one parent is a head coach and there are two daughters in the GTFS program, then volunteer hours must be completed for one daughter. Similar to Voting GTFS Board Members, every effort should be made to assist at games/tournaments hosted by Rosemount for concessions and fields.

Assistant coaches: Volunteer hours still needed based on # of daughters, but sign-ups will be open for exclusive sign-up window for only assistant coaches to ensure priority volunteer hours